When I need something quick and easy on an evening I always reach for a jar of Zest. I know it doesn’t have anything nasty in it so I don’t even need to read the label.
Rachel G
Something I always have in my cupboard is a bottle of Geo Watkins. It helps me make so many meals and really is my secret ingredient.
Scott C

Congratulations, you’ve successfully made it to the bottom of the page. This is where we do a bit of an introduction…

Welcome to The House of Fine Foods. We’re a curated collection of fine foods, assembled for your delectation. We only find the very best brands and foods to put to you so you won’t find just anything on our shelves.

We’re currently working with some amazing food brands such as Patum Peperium, makers of incredible Savoury Relishes and the famous Gentleman’s Relish, Zest, makers of plant-based sauces, pastes and pesto, Grey Poupon, the original French mustard makers, Geo Watkins, everyone’s favourite secret ingredient and Costa Salt, makers of Mediterranean Sea Salt to finish off any dish.

Feel free to browse our shelves and if you have a question for us or any of the brands, please do get in touch.